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Annuals are plants that typically complete their life cycle in one year. We group our annuals into three types; Full Sun, Part Sun, and Shade. We also offer a range of sizes for out plants. "Flats" are the most economical, and are made up of 6 or 8 "4-packs" for a total of 48 plants. Larger pots are offered ranging from four inches to eight inches, and are perfect for gardners that want something a little more "ready to go" for their gardens.


If you don't know what you're looking for, or aren't sure if a particular plant will do well in your garden, please ask a friendly staff member for assistance! They're happy to help and very knowledgeable.





Full Sun- Typically bright performers, these plants need the most care and attention of the three groupings. Requiring six hours or more of sun per day, they also may need some trimming back mid-way through the season. Most varieties need frequent waterings (every day) as well as fertilizing. Some varieties are drought-resistant.

Part Sun - These plants appreciate a little bit of shade, resulting in an optimal four to six hours of sunlight daily. Abundant blooms are typical. The plants are the most variable and versatile in the garden: More sun will yield more growth and more flowers, depending on the plant, while more shade typically results in additional foliage.

Shade - More foliage than blooms, these plants can add beautiful greenery to your gardens. Some part sun plants will also do well in shade so long as it recieves four or so hours of sunlight per day. Most shade-loving plants will tolerate less than four hours of sunlight per day, and prefer that sunlight to be morning and evening: Mid-day is too hot.

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