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"You Grow" CSA Shares

A "You Grow" CSA Share bundles all of the best that we have to offer from our greenhouses while making it as easy and enjoyable for you as possible to grow your own veggies and care for a sustainable garden.

The Staehly Farm "You Grow" CSA has been designed with the home-gardener in mind and to bring the experience of a CSA share right into your own back yard. Learn how to arrange your garden and care for plants to maximize yeilds and your household's food security. 

When Does My Share Start?

Shares available until March 14, 2016. For the 2016 Season we will offer our "You Grow" CSA starting the week of May 22, 2016 for a duration of 12 weeks into August. These are the weeks that plants need the most attention to get them ready for a bountiful harvest.

What Are The Costs Of My Share?

A "You Grow" CSA Share is $400.00 and gets you everything you need to grow a bountiful garden for the year. Each share supplies enough plants and soil care for a 20-foot by 20-foot garden (400 square feet). The price also includes a guest speaker and workshop every other week to help you learn how to care for your garden. 


What Is Included In My Share?

Our greenhouses start in March to give sprouts a head start. By May, when the last traces of frost have vanished, you'll be able to select from a wide range of vegetables to add to your garden. 

What If I Don't Have Space?

For individuals looking to grow a garden but who are limited on space, the Town of East Haddam offers community garden plots. These plots are conveniently located about five minutes from our farm. The "Harris Property" Open Space Parcel is located at 220 Mt. Parnassus Road. Inquiries for plot rentals should be directed to the Office of the Selectmen, Town of East Haddam. Click here for more information and to contact the office. 

And much more:

 - One dozen assorted herbs 

 - One flat of marigolds (a natural pest deterent)

 - Mingle and learn from fellow gardeners at workshops every other week

 - Five bags of Organic Lobster Compost, produced by Coast of Maine 

 - Receive discounted member pricing on flowers, vegetables, and other plants in the greenhouse all season long 


Choose from many varieties of tomatoes:

Jet Star                    Sunbrite
Delicious                  Rutgers
Boxcar Willie            Ox Heart
Early Girl                  Mr. Stripey
Big Boy                    Green Zebra

Mountain Fresh       Beefsteak


Roma                       & Many More! 

Registration has closed.
We Grow Shares still available. 

Select which veggies you want:

Five lettuce varieties
Beans and peas

Twelve types of peppers

Summer Squash


& More

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